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It has open registration enabling you to chat up and meet up with people from around the world.

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I just wish they would fix the "Mitsune, Kitsune" issue.

The humor was funny and over the top, but a bit too much I think.

These games individually weren’t particularly novel, typically copying the best of paid MMORPGs into a free MMORPG model.

The catch here was that players could buy items in game with real money.

You are the last hope for your Galaxy, survival Depeds o you!

Burning Galaxy Game Burning Galaxy Game Save your galaxy by eliminating the enemy space ships and shoot your way to success!!

The Springs Are Hell: hellissprings Start with 0,000: moneygrowsontrees Play as Naru: naruhaseyes Insane conversations: sofarsogood Shinobu dress up game: rainbowsrgood Motoko dress up game: motokoismotoko Secret movie: eva4hidden All moves: allyourmoves All stats are 100: theincredibleyou Mutsune dress up game: smashwatermelons Random credits: randomamv Girls walk around with less clothing: crazygirlmot I played this game awhile back and loved it.

This game has been around for ages and I still like it although there is no real nudity aside for a couple dress up games on the side or any real sex it is a lot of fun to play I keep getting my butt kicked when I play with no cheats activated and I love it LOL ALL CHEATS FROM THIS GAME AND HIDDEN LOCATIONS: Your own room, painting above cupboard Your own room, TV Kitchen, microwave oven Kitchen, trash bin Shinobu`s Room, paper under plant Shinobu`s Room, paper under plant (click twice!

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