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It's really an amazing idea, thanks for developing it and let mediawiki better and better. I don't know if is a good idea store all chats in discussion page. The idea of show in top of pages how many people is browsing the page is an excellent idea.

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Voles are small rodents that grow to 3–9 in (7.6–22.9 cm), depending on the species. Gestation lasts for three weeks and the young voles reach sexual maturity in a month.

As a result of this biological exponential growth, vole populations can grow very large within a very short time.

Rabbi Kraft is fortunate to have studied under some of the foremost teachers of Torah of our generation, Rabbi Yaakov Rosenberg, Rabbi Moshe Chait, and Rabbi Henach Leibowitz, and to be inspired by their vision of love for every Jew.

Additionally, voles target plants more than most other small animals, making their presence evident.

Voles readily girdle small trees and ground cover much like a porcupine.

Hoping to preserve the neighborhood’s prestige and air of respectability, residents of the “romantic suburb” of Forest Hill Gardens — a quaint Tudoresque cottagescape loosely inspired by the reformist principles of Ebenezer Howard — revived long-forgotten provisions from its building code that’d been collecting dust for years.

With the help of some especially prohibitive requirements still on the books, they were largely able to quarantine the unwelcome newcomers.