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If you could only do two things the rest of your life, plank and squat, if you have the right form, will serve you better than most anything else.In sexuality, you are either holding a plank on top of somebody or somebody else is coming down on top of you, and squats are just a really efficient use of time.“It’s about finding the overlap among the three questions, ‘What gives me meaning,’ ‘What gives me pleasure? '” Determining those things, and focusing on them even for a slice of your day, will boost your mood long term.“For sustained happiness, we need to change the expectations we have of our goals: rather than perceiving them as ends (expecting that their attainment will make us happy), we need to see them as means (recognizing they can enhance the pleasure we take in the journey),” says Ben-Shahar.

As the American best-selling self-help author and motivational speaker Dr.

There’s a physical component (exerting yourself causes the brain to release dopamine) plus, “when you exercise, your brain records a victory. “Writing a two-minute positive email to somebody you know, praising them or thanking them for something, increases your social support dramatically,” says Achor.

“And it makes you happier while you’re writing that note.” , says that’s about realizing that happiness is the goal to where everything else leads.

She’s also gone back to her former part-time career, teaching “sexercise” workshops.

Schmit is a speaker, professor, blogger and podcaster on all things sexual.