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We really have a deal this time redux on January 28.We hold a pile-driving photo-op to show we mean it on February 4. We announce a new deal on February 27 and put it all to bed with everyone’s John Hancock on a design-build contract on March 17.Now, with the 2017 election on the horizon, history is repeating itself, but this time with two megaprojects: Site C and the Massey Tunnel replacement project and with many of the same Port Mann players in recurring roles. The we have a public-private partnership (P3) deal announcement cancelled with 18-minutes to spare. end up in the peculiar situation of having to rely on the private sector to oversee private sector construction companies working on public sector infrastructure projects, potentially signing off on billions of tax dollars in cost overruns along the way?

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General Banks is reluctant to tell the FBI about the warning note partly for self-serving political reasons and partly because he doesn’t want to damage the Secret Service’s reputation based on a note that might be a hoax.

Police claim Fortier used teenage town workers who played on his baseball team to collect 0 in parking fees from Fourth of July visitors to Ogunquit, and pocketed the money instead of turning it over to the town. He says the charges are the result of years of resentment over his aggressive management style and much-needed staff reductions.

He claims the police investigation, which was handled by the neighboring town of Wells, was tainted by bias because the police chiefs of both departments once lived together.

The president is wounded and his best friend and a Secret Service Agent are killed.

General Andrew Banks, the Secretary of Homeland Security, received a note prior to the assassination attempt warning him that the president was in danger and that Secret Service agents guarding the president had been compromised.