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Nearly three dozen interviews with current and former town officials and residents, and reviews of court documents and town records, reveal how Fortier’s brash style and tendency to push ethical boundaries inflamed long-simmering tensions over the cozy relationships between town officials and prominent citizens.
I am very fond of his beliefs and beliefs of his family.

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I still can't understand why he treats me the way he does. A recent rare meeting in the chatroom, he tells me he's going to be in Town on The 30th. These were the questions floating around in my head. At this point, I'm not sure if I'm disappointed or relieved. A restless sleep, but I wake up with a feeling of relief.

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Is there a standard for what that Y value should be set to (e.g. If the macropixels on Freenode IRC, and a kind person named iive gave me some answers.

Each line is treated separately, so there's no wrapping of values in a macropixel from one line to the next.

We had watched porn together off and on over the years and I had noticed (and she had said) she has a preference for threesome porn but even that she wasn't really interested in watching with me anymore.... She was at work and I noticed a groupon offer for a dating site (for those of you who don't have groupon in the world, it's essentially a website which has a daily offer for a discounted product of some kind - you buy whatever at a discount and can redeem the offer at the website/story/whatever). Sites for dating, or talking, or chatting, or camming or dirty chatting, or whatever.

As a joke, I sent her a link to the groupon - fully expecting her to come back with a snappy answer of 'you going to find yourself a new girlfriend" or something like that but instead she wrote "okay, but which one of us would join? (For the record, I was not a member of yuvu or any other similar site prior to us coming on here together - I had definately watched porn, but never chatted online with people before). You're probably already on there" and I reassured her I certainly wasn't.